Here is why :

First of, yeah, I know, It hurts hard your ego, since it's what's you're teaching to others...

I've been there, too.

You can help your clients make ten of thousands of 💲 with a simple phone call ☎️, but you feel like glued to the ground when it's about your business.

✋ Raise your hand if you ever :

✔️ Find your clients mostly by word of mouth and personnal connections. Opportunities come to you out of nowhere, without any predictability. You feel like that, whatever you try, you simply can't grow your business.

✔️ Launched blog, a Youtube channel 📹, a Facebook page or a LinkedIn profile, where you post good content regulary. But you still stick bellow a thousand views for most of your contents. And you got very few good leads, if any, from there.

✔️ Started collecting emails for your list 📧, and sent them messages regulary. Even everyday for some of you. But after some promising debuts, very few want to talk to you right now.

✔️ Tried to engage in a networking strategy 👫, accumulating a pile of useless business cards of people struggling as much as you do to find clients.

✔️ Made some Facebook ads 📣, following all advices from the smart people out there... but didn't get a lot of good leads from these ads.

The apparent reason of all of that is because there are too many people like you on the market. Too much competition. Only people who already know you want to work with you.

Nowaday, anybody can improvise himself/herself "business coach" in litteraly days, rent a Lambo 🏎️ or a New York penthouse on AirBnB 🏢 and flood the market with dull coaching or online courses.

It's almost impossible to stand out when your prospects can't differenciate shiny things from the real deal ...

... but the real reason will hurt you way more.

I'll be blunt :

👉 If you don't get as much client as you want, it's only because you don't know them enough.

You don't know exactly who they are.

You don't know what they think.

What they are frustrated with, their anxieties and their dreams.

For example, you still talk about them as "entrepreneurs", a way too broad target audience.

For you, they are mostly a vague description of a Frankenstein version of you mixed with some of your clients 🧟. They are every entrepreneurs and no entrepreneur in particular at the same time.

But talking to everyone equals talking to nobody, so you're pretty much the same as your competitors in your prospect mind. Except you have one thing less : the Lambo. 😐

Consequently, you don't know how to catch their attention more effectively than the young wolves 🐺 with their Lambos 🚗.

And since you're not going to invest in a Lambo 😅, here is what you can do :


In other terms : how can you PROVE him/her that you are going to serve him/her better than the competition ?

And, most importantly, how can they identify you as the real deal with their limited knowledge of the field ?

And don't drop the end of that phrase. The main challenge is to be perceived as a real expert by people who don't know much about what's true and what's false, what's really important and what's a waste of time, what is a sound strategy, and what is factory of clones flooding the market with low-grade self-appointed experts from yesterday.

This challenge can be solved with 🎯 POSITIONNING 🎯

It's the skill that helps you deeply scan the market to detect hidden high-profit market segments 🤑, under-served and untaped, and position yourself to serve this segment more effectively than anyone else on the market.

It's the same skill that brings you the raw material to write nuclear-powerful copywriting ☢️ 💣 💥 that can meshmerize your target with so highly targeted offers they would think "Gosh, this person could read my mind ! I thought I was alone thinking this !"

It's also the same skill that helps you make your prospect blind to every single competitor, because they all become virtually irrelevants in your prospect mind, thus helping your prices to skyrocket. 🚀

And it all relies on one single thing :


Almost like brain-hacking them. 🤯

There is litteraly a hundred questions about them on which you need to have very clear answers. 💯

Among other things, this is mostly what I help my clients with.

Having wizzard-like capability of mind reading 🧙 to beat every single competitor hands up, and charge a heck of lot more 💰.

... without the guess game and demotivation associated with it, but with a dead simple step by step process.

... even if you're already charging thousands per client, and especially if you think you know all there is to know about them.


It's now time to let the young wolves well behind you. It's time to unleash your inner superior mind 🧞.

Because, come on, let be honest for a sec : without bragging, you know you are smarter than most people 🧠. And that's why it hurts so much your ego, by not making even a fraction of what the young wolves earn 😭. You're like a sport car stuck in trafic... 🚧

And here is what I'm going to help you do :

1. 🎯 Clarify what you truly want, and why you want it, to turbocharge your motivation and help you focus all your efforts on what works best for you. Because, let be honest again : you tried so many things that didn't worked out before that now you procrastinate about what you should do, after nearly "accepted" the situation.

2. 🔥 Quickly realize all the immediate opportunities you have. And especially the strategies to unlock your super-understanding of the market, to instantly reposition yourself on any untaped cash-machine niche sub-segment of your field that your exploration will reveal.

3. 🚀 Launch a clear course of action to have fast results. Be laser-focused on what really move you towards your real objective. The one that really drives your whole life.

➡️ WHY ME ? ⬅️

✈️ I'm an ex-Airbus advanced sales trainer. My job was to teach people how to sell multi-million dollar projects in extremely competitive environments.

⭐ I've been in business for nearly 10 years. I'm not a self-appointed wannabe expert from last year. I've helped entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries and countries, and done million dollars experiments with my clients. I've been in the trenches. I know what I'm talking about.

🏆 I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs reaching what they thought impossible to reach only 3 months before. I'm grateful for attracting the most brilliants and hard-working people I could dream of 🙏. I'm still amazed to have several MBAs, PhDs and Mensa's among my clients 🙌. They say they like my scientific approach of doing business 🔬 (being an engineer myself).

💥 I'm a no-BS, no nonsense, pragmatic and very direct style of coach. I never sugarcoat. You're not in Kansas anymore with me, you'll be battle-hardened to triumph in the death valley of competition. ☠️ And we are going to make it FUN to crush competition !

➡️ WHY NOW ? ⬅️

I won't insult your intelligence with a false urgency trick like a countdown timer, or a false scarcity offer like "only x spots left, hurry !" that would works only on the weakest minds. 😵 😂

One reason real reason though : how much does it cost you doing nothing, and not achieving your dreams ? 💰

How much money are you leaving on the table every single month ? 💵

How much potential are you wasting every day ? 💪

Life is short. You don't have that much time ⏳ to make an impact 💥 on this blue earth. 🌎

🌲 “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb


Those who :

🚫 didn't already invested at least $10 000 in their education.
🚫 have limiting beliefs about money or selling.
🚫 are not fully determined to change their life.
🚫 are not directable and discuss everything.
🚫 don't want badly enough to reach their goal.
🚫 are already happy with what they have.
🚫 don't want to go outside their comfort zone.
🚫 are not ready to invest efforts and money in themselves.
🚫 don't want me to hurt their feelings.
🚫 hate foreigners. Hello, I'm French !

I don't need your money, and I don't want my portfolio to look like a graveyard of failures.

I can sometimes make an exception for beginners, but only if they show exceptional capabilities, and are relentlessly resourceful.


If you think you fit the description, you can try to book a free 45 min strategy call with me here, me after having answered two simple questions, and we'll see if I can help you.

If you succesfully pass the barrier 🚧 of these 2 questions, it's already a success by itself 🏆, because, frankly, I don't give a heck about having new clients. As a minimalist, I'm already wealthy enough to drink cocktails on beaches for 3 lifetime without working 🏝️. I'm mostly looking for geniuises because I find beaches boring AF. I've purposefully sold everything I owned in Paris to live in one of the coldest city of Europe, Tallinn, covered with ice 6 months a year ❄️, with as low as 4 hours of daylight a day in winter. No persuasion trick here, just plain truth.

Anyway, if I accept your request for a call, yes, I will blatantly and shamelessly pitch you about my offers, yes I'll ask you scandalous amounts of money, but most importantly : yes, even if you don't buy anything, I'll blow your mind 🤯 with my highly specific recommendations for your business after having asked you laser-targeted questions.


That will be my reward for breaking-in.

Hope to hear you soon !