Hi! I’m Florian Morata

Let me introduce myself in 3 lists:

My 5 role models: Charlie Munger, Mohnish Pabrai, Benjamin Franklin, Charles Darwin and Marcus Aurelius.

My 6 values: Prudence, Patience, Diligence, Humility, Authenticity and Integrity.

My 10 favorite books: The Tao of Charlie Munger, One Up on Wall Street, Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits, The E-Myth, Work the System, Built to Sell, SPIN Selling, The Four Steps to The Epiphany, The Little Book of Market Wizzards, Flow – the psychology of optimal experience.

Why this website?

I started this website in 2008 while studying software engineering in France. I wanted to be financially independent but learned the hard way two things:

  1. Financial independence requires much more skills than I thought. To name a few: marketing, sales, psychology, money, investing, etc. Investing and entrepreneurship are themselves two sides of the same activity. Money is at the intersection of all these fields. You don’t need to have a Ph.D. in any of these skills, but you need an advanced level of all these skills combined. I needed more interconnected knowledge than I thought. 
  2. Investing and entrepreneurship are confusing. What works in these fields is often counterintuitive. Even with the best intentions, you can easily under-appreciate what is really important when you read it until you actually put it into practice. Conversely, it’s equally easy to be fooled by sexy ideas that are either plain wrong or inappropriate. I needed more reliable knowledge and less bullshit.

Therefore, in the last 15 years I have compiled around 1500 pages (386k words) of notes inspired by my readings (412 books) and experiences in these fields.

Up until 2021, these notes were private. But since, I want to meet more like-minded people, so I started to translate my notes into book summaries and articles, hoping to help those who want to learn these fields.