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What I do

I run morata.io, a software company for sales team, marketers and startups.

My various software help them close more deals and faster, as well as attract PR and media opportunities at scale for their marketing.

I also run a business consulting club, a media company and a few other side businesses.

My story

I've been into technology since I was 4 years old.

I grew up in my father's electronic engineering lab.

I learned how to use a system terminal before I learned how to write.

At 8, I hacked my dad's internet connection.

During my first year of engineering school, in 2009, I landed my first $50,000 contract as a freelance software programmer.

I was able to close quite big projects, but it was unpredictable. I was lacking some sales and marketing knowledge. So I learned. A lot. And did tons of experiments. Until I found what worked best. And then my revenue skyrocketed. I never had to worry about money ever again since then.

Strong from that success, friends started asking me how I did it. I taught them on my free time. Then more people asked, so I started a sales and marketing school in 2015. Now this school trains hundreds of entrepreneurs every year. That's my lab, where I can try sales and marketing tactics on hundreds of businesses at once. Lot of fun!

in 2017, I started teaching computer science at a university in Paris, as a side activity. It was at UPMC, ranked by many university rankings as one of the top universities in the world. They said I was in competition with 2 PhDs for that job. I love competition!

in 2018, due to my quite uncommon combination of skills in both tech and sales, a peer recommended me to Airbus Defence and Space, to train their engineers about advanced B2B sales, in their startup incubator in Madrid. I showed them how the engineering mindset can be leveraged in sales. That was so cool to work with these bright minds!

In 2020, I combined the two things I love most, software and sales. That's how morata.io was born. Software to sell more and faster.

When I'm not working on my companies, you can find me mountain biking in the Swiss Alps :-)

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